Blaze Christiansen – Platinum Performer for Meat Services

Blaze Christiansen, is making strides in the Meat Services program at Bridgerland Technical College. Embracing the opportunity to explore his passions, Blaze embarked on this educational journey based on the recommendation of his family and his quest for direction in life. So far, his experience has been enjoyable and fulfilling.

When Blaze isn’t immersed in his studies, he finds solace in reading books, often opting for audio versions for convenience. A distinctive trait of his personality is his inclination to let life guide him, taking each opportunity as it arises. As for his dream job, Blaze envisions owning a custom-cut shop, where he can skillfully harvest and cut the meat according to the customer’s specific instructions.

Upon graduation, Blaze believes that a retail job, where exceptional customer service is paramount, would be beneficial for him. Acknowledging that customer service is an area he aims to improve, he recognizes the value of honing his skills in such an environment.

For new students embarking on their own educational journeys, Blaze offers practical advice—avoid rocking the boat and strive to foster harmonious relationships with classmates. He believes that working together as a cohesive unit can enhance the overall classroom experience, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Blaze’s favorite aspect of Bridgerland Technical College has been the hands-on experience it offers, allowing him to actively engage with his chosen field. Moreover, the people he has encountered—both teachers and fellow students—have left a positive impact on him. He expresses deep appreciation for the guidance and support he has received from his instructors, namely Jason, Clint, and Scotty. Despite initially being uncertain about what he was getting into, their expertise and teaching have made the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Blaze’s journey at Bridgerland Technical College showcases the transformative power of hands-on learning and the positive influence of a supportive community. As he continues to pursue his passions, Blaze is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped his educational path at Bridgerland Technical College.