Alex Braeger Phlebotomy Platinum Performer

Interviewing Alex Braeger was a pleasure. His passion for the Phlebotomy program was evident as he shared his experiences, so it wasn’t hard to see why he was chosen as this year’s Platinum Performer.

When asked why he decided to come to Bridgerland Technical College, Alex said, “This school lets you get certificates and training without having to enroll in a four-year program. . . I was able to get training as a phlebotomist that got me employed and allowed me to be paid more than I would have if I didn’t have that certificate.”

Alex said he loved working with his instructors because they were easy to communicate with and they were very qualified in real-world training. His advice to future students is to use BTECH as the first stepping stone in helping them get to where they want to go.

We want to congratulate Alex! We look forward to seeing how far he goes in his future career.