Arley Monterosa – Platinum Performer for Auto Collision

Arley Monterrosa is an Auto Collision student at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). He was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Richmond, Utah.

His favorite food is the Loco Burrito at El Toro Viejo, because it’s “hot and spicy.” His hobbies include snowboarding, running, football, and anything that helps him interact with other people. Arley also enjoys singing which he finds surprises most people.

Arley’s journey to Bridgerland Technical College began when he bought a motorcycle that needed to be fixed up. As he started buying parts for this bike, he realized he needed some professional help with painting. He soon became fascinated with the process of cleaning up and painting vehicles. When he ended up selling that first bike for a profit there was no denying that refurbishing vehicles might be his calling in life.

He bought another bike project and took it to one of the Auto Collision instructors, Andy Arave, for some help. Andy gave him a tour of the Auto Collision shop at BTECH and explained to Arley how he could save money on schooling and be trained in his dream career at the same time. The next month, Arley was enrolled at BTECH.

Arley’s dream job would be to open up his own shop He hopes to live his dream after graduation and buy a house with a shop in the back that he can use for work.

Arley’s advice to future students was, “If you want to succeed in life, you need to have good friends. Watch who you are friends with because they influence you more than you think.” He also mentioned students should associate with those that keep them on a goal-driven path.

His favorite thing about the Auto Collision program was how challenging it was. It challenged him to know who he was as a person and know what skills he could develop in his profession. It has helped him become confident in his career and in his personal life as well. He said listening to his instructors helped him the most—he failed more when he didn’t listen. When he took advice and direction from his instructors, he realized he had the power to do whatever he wanted if he paid attention and put his mind to work.