Benjamin Berezay – Paramedic Platinum Performer

Ben Berezay is a Zion’s Bank Platinum Performer and recent graduate of our Paramedic program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). Ben comes to us all the way from Carson Alberta, Canada.

He chose the Paramedic program at BTECH because of his past experience with BTECH. He had previously completed our Fire and Rescue Services program and was very impressed with the instructors, curriculum, and atmosphere of the school. When he found the Paramedic program, he was excited to start his training.

Ben is currently pursuing his dream job, working for the Logan City Fire Department as a Firefighter and Advanced EMT. After completing the Paramedic program, Ben will continue to pursue education in the public services field.

Ben has loved his time at BTECH and believes that all future students should “find something you are passionate about and go for it. Pursuing your passion is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. The things you learn through BTECH not only benefit yourself, they also benefit the community that you will work in.”

Ben’s favorite thing about BTECH was the camaraderie that he had with several of his classmates. He gives them high praise and credits the positive atmosphere to the instructors and students in the class. They were always willing to show up, learn and have a little fun.. He is also vocal about the hands-on training style of learning which helped to make his time in the program “amazing.”

Ben believes that the BTECH Paramedic program was really great and is continuing to get better every year. He hopes anyone looking to better their lives will consider joining the program.