Breyden Summers – Bridgerland Technical College Student of the Year

Congratulations to Breyden Summers, Bridgerland Technical College’s 2021 Student of the Year! Breyden graduated from the Automated Manufacturing program making this the second 900-hour certificate program he finished while still in high school!

Breyden was introduced to BTECH during his Sophomore year when he saw a poster advertising the AM STEM Academy. He started taking an early-morning class and loved it! Matthew Fuller, one of Breyden’s instructors said that Breyden would come to class early in the morning, after school, and even during the summer to complete the coursework. Additionally, Matthew commented that Breyden demonstrated a real curiosity about automation, automated systems, code, and computer systems because he dove in to understand it.

After graduating high school, Breyden was able to earn a third certificate in the Electronic Engineering Technology program and find employment. Now, Breyden works at Schreiber Foods and is using the knowledge he gained to be successful in his career.

Breyden Summers is definitely an example of what students can achieve if they are willing to work. He demonstrates leadership and dedication that many look up to and admire. We are confident that he is an excellent choice for the 2021 Student of the Year!