BTECH Family Makes Face Masks for Students

There are friends, there are families, and there are friends who become family.

At Bridgerland Technical College we are definitely family! The College is full of local heroes who have bonded together sewing thousands of cloth face masks so each student and employee is provided a BTECH face mask to safely navigate through the stabilization phase of the COVID-19 recovery.

The BTECH Family – like a band of angels – did not waste any time helping those in need. A special THANK YOU to Colette Pulsipher for organizing and overseeing this huge project of sewing BTECH masks.

It hasn’t been easy putting together a few thousand masks, but we couldn’t be more proud of the effort.

Colette Pulsipher, the school’s Associate Vice President for Instruction of Computer Technology and Client Services, stated that “making the masks was an important task because we care about our students and want to make sure everyone was provided with a mask so that we can better protect them.”

Each mask was carefully made with fabric that displays our school’s logo design and colors. We made sure that these spirited masks were made from quality fabrics that provided a protective barrier against possible exposures.

It took weeks to get this task planned and executed, but we feel it was well worth the time and effort and we are eager to welcome our employees and students back to campus soon.

We’d like to thank the following individuals who assisted: DeLayne Locke, Cathy Neeley, Emily Hudson and family, Kristen Bogue, Shanna Alger, Talya Larsen, Laurie John, Caroline Robbins, Amber Truett, Audrey Talbot, Brad Sorenson, Kashee Child, Kori Thompson, Eileen James and Lisa Balling.