BTECH Summer Camps

Throughout the summer, Bridgerland Technical College hosted a variety of Summer Camp events for young teens in Cache Valley.

These camps included a Culinary Arts camp where kids learned a variety of ways to make eggs. The Build to Success camp featured students building a playhouse for children. This was the second year for our Code to Success camp, which taught kids the basics of coding.

The Electronic Engineering Technology program ran the Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs camp. Some of the activities at the event included designing and launching a paper rocket. Participants would join teams as they recorded their flight data and modified their model rockets. After activities such as this one, students were treated with a tour of Bridgerland Technical College and its facilities.

Almost all camp activities were developed through our programs and provided an inside look to the kinds of projects and training that is involved for some of our excellent certificate programs.

We were pleased with the turn out for this special event and were thrilled with the opportunity meet so many bright and driven people. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Summer Camps in 2020!