Business Technology Administrative Conference

This week, Business Technology had the opportunity to have an Administrative Conference. Three very accomplished speakers came to speak to our students about personal growth experiences within their respective careers. They also shared tips and tricks on how to become better employees in the world of business.

The speakers covered a range of topics related to business. The first speaker was an expert in insurance. He explained the career path that he took to make the life that he wanted. He also shared smart tips in investing money wisely.

The next speaker was a social media guru who shared his experiences with the power of online marketing and the importance of using social media to generate business. Our students walked away with some very valuable information about the detail world of social media.

The last speaker was a very successful real estate agent who has generated over 90 million dollars in the real estate business world. She shared valuable knowledge about business and the drive it takes to succeed.

The speakers focused on business tricks and tips, but also gave their best advice on how to live a fulfilled life and how to love their jobs. This was a huge benefit to our students and we are so glad that they had this opportunity to hear these speakers.