Business Technology Waffle Day

There is a special day in June that most of the students at Bridgerland Technical College are not soon to forget; the Business Technology program’s Waffle Day.

Our Business Technology program decided to give their students a special treat by providing scrumptious waffles and a large assortment of specialized toppings.

Students were given the option of making a sweet waffle with topping such as syrup, whipped cream, or jams.. They were also presented with alternative toppings such as ketchup, hot sauce, and peanut butter, for more savory waffles.

Students were also given delicious drink options like milk, chocolate milk, and Sunny D. Students and staff were thrilled with the breakfast that day as it brought the opportunity to eat free food and socialize with the people around them.

Our Business Technology program certainly knows how to throw a party and we are grateful for the work and effort they put into our school.