Career Connections Fair

On August 28th, 2019, Bridgerland Technical College had the amazing opportunity to host the annual Career Connections Fair, co-sponsored with the Department of Workforce Services.

This career fair is special to our school because it provides a time and a place for students and community members within the immediate area to meet with potential employers. At our Career Connections Fair, there were over twenty-five booths of potential employers set up to talk to our students.

The event was held at the Logan Campus and was attended by a large group of interested job seekers.

The air in the room was buzzing with excitement as people started to match up with employers.

Seeing the joy on our student’s faces as they meet with potential employers and saw the reality that their training with BTECH had prepared them for, was everything we needed to see. We look forward to future career fairs and hope to help more students to find employment for their futures.