Clint Doggett – Platinum Performer for Electronic Engineering Technology

Clint Doggett is the Platinum Performer for the Electronic Engineering Technology program. We sat down with Clint to learn more about why he chose to come to Bridgerland Technical College. He stated, “It had the appropriate program I needed for the career I’m after, [and] it’s much more affordable than other schools out there.”

When asking Clint about his future career plans, he said, “My current plans after graduation involve me applying to work for the FBI’s Electronics department. If I am accepted, I will likely move to Portland, Oregon to work in their field office.”

Clint’s instructor was not surprised to hear about his ambitious goals. She told us, “Clint is an excellent student. He’s extremely self-motivated and works really hard.”

As a successful student here at Bridgerland Technical College, we asked Clint what advice he would give future students. He stated, “Put in as many hours as you can…make sure to enjoy the discovery along the way, and recognize that you will need this information for your future vocation.”

It was a pleasure to speak with Clint. We are confident that he will make a name for himself in his chosen career path. We can’t wait to see where this determined, motivated student goes in his future field.