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What To Do in High School

Visit for a list of classes you can take in high school.

Schedule BTECH classes with your high school counselor. AND officially reserve your seat with BTECH at starting August 1.

Take summer classes at BTECH to do as much of the program as possible for FREE before you graduate!

Seniors! This Is For YOU!

Make an appointment with a Student Success Advisor.

Turn in your ACT/SAT scores, qualifying grades, or make an appointment with the Assessment & Learning Center.

Complete all your prerequisite requirements. 

As soon as you graduate high school, enroll with BTECH!


Options To Finish BTECH for FREE!

Any BTECH class you complete in high school at BTECH will transfer to your adult program. 

Technical Education Scholarship - specifically for high school students who want to finish BTECH - may cover tuition, books, and fees. 

 Apply for the Pell Grant online at

Transfer with 30 Credits to USU

If you complete a program with 900 hours or more, you can transfer up to 30 credits toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree at Utah State University. You can make an appointment with our USU advisor to learn more about how our transfer process works!

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Have Additional Questions?

Contact a Student Success Advisors for any additional questions.