Coronavirus (COVID-19) College Update – May 27

Effective Monday, June 1, Bridgerland Technical College campuses will be open to the public as new student enrollment and face-to-face instruction resumes for all programs. This instruction will be provided in accordance with the current CDC and local health department guidelines. 

Not a current student? Start your educational journey and experience the earning power of technical education by scheduling an appointment today with a Student Success Advisor at or call (435) 750-3245.

What to expect on campus?

Groups will be limited to 50 or less; capacity may be limited by physical space to allow for social distancing; please do not congregate in common areas

Students will receive a health screening from an instructor; DO NOT attend if you have:

  • Temperature over 100° F,
  • New or worsening cough,
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
  • Sore throat, chills, muscle pain/aches, or
  • Decreased sense of smell or taste

Individuals on campus will follow current CDC and local health department guidelines to decrease the risk of contracting the Coronavirus

BTECH will provide masks for students and employees where social distancing is difficult to maintain

Travel to high risk or out-of-state areas is discouraged

We are excited to have students on campus once again because hands-on technical education changes lives. We missed you and are committed to your success. As we move forward, our short-term, job-focused career programs will enable Utahns to be trained and ready to assist the economy in recovering “faster and better” than ever before.

Best regards,

Bridgerland Technical College