Cosmetology/Barbering Celebrates Haley Bury

The Cosmetology/Barbering program suffered a heartbreaking loss when student Haley Bury passed away in an accident on August 12, 2020. To help with their grief, they decided to celebrate Haley Bury Day on August 25, her birthday. All the instructors and students participated in planning and following through with the events for the Haley Day Celebration. 

Between the week of August 19 – August 25, students in the Cosmetology/Barbering program were able to donate their tips, change or cash to help the Bury family with funeral expenses. They were able to collect $165.00.

The instructors also gathered notes from the students about their love for Haley and any fun experiences that they could remember of Haley. This was given to Haley’s family.

Haley’s instructor Vanessa says that “She was a beautiful, joyful, and talented student with many friends and admirers.  She was able to make anyone feel welcomed and loved – she sought out anyone who needed a friend and she was an immediate confidant and ally.  Instructors never heard or saw her be disrespectful to any person.  Haley was talented and artistic, she won awards at Halloween contests she participated in – once as a high school student and once as an adult student.  She had a great imagination and was able to articulate her imagination through hair, and makeup.  We all loved her and we will all miss her.

Honestly, there is not one person she did not inspire.  She was a fantastic and loving person.”

On the day of Haley’s birthday, students decorated her station with flowers and messages. Instructors Regan Timothy and Megan Harker ordered blue armbands and t-shirts with the words “Live Happy Like Haley.” They were able to wear them on her birthday. The Bury family was invited to join the Cosmetology/Barbering program to release balloons with messages to Haley. It was an incredible day of healing and hope for this close-knit program and their students to remember one of their own!