Cosmetology/Barbering Under the Sea Contest

The Cosmetology/Barbering program had an Under the Sea-themed costume contest. We were impressed by the creative ideas and skills of each participating student.

One of our talented students designed a costume with a crown made with blue coral and gold seashells. She wore a white dress with blue coral designs near the hem, and it also had light brown nets sown to the bottom of the hems and shoulder of the dress. She had beautiful blue eye shadow and multiple blue-colored dyes on her braided hair.

Another costume featured a green mask of a toothy sea monster that was constructed out of make-up. The hairstyle of the monster was a curly frizz, giving it a spooky Halloween feel.

The next costume had an intensive up-do with strategically placed shells. There was also had a crown made of starfish and gold-colored pears. The model’s hair had a purple tint added to give a colorful, reef-like quality.

The final costume was modeled in a blue and white dress with ropes and sea trash attached to the skirt area. Plastic bags sat at her feet and seaweed and shells clung to her face. She had a red cut painted on her throat, representing drifting trash in the ocean. We are in love with these costumes and look forward to seeing future creative skills from our students.