Custom Fit Business Training – Steam Fundamentals – Sept. 19

September 19th 
Bridgerland Technical College  – 1301 North 600 West, Logan, Utah 84321
Room #840

Who should attend?
Anyone wishing to build or improve upon their knowledge of steam and steam utilization including engineers, designers, project managers, estimators, contractors, pipefitters, plumbers, maintenance staff, facilities/operations and energy personnel.

Subjects covered:

The Spirax Sarco Fundamentals of Steam Utilization course is designed to teach participants about the fundamentals of steam and operating practices needed to maintain a safe and efficient steam system. Attendees view steam traps operating under varying system conditions in our live steam lab. A demonstration of a steam to hot water heat exchanger is shown to allow the viewing of both the efficient use of steam and removal of condensate from this typical process application. A brief introduction to condensate pumps is given covering electric and non-electric designs.

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Kashlie Hamilton
Custom Fit Coordinator