Bridgerland Technical College

December 5, 2022


DECEMBER 5, 2022, 3:45 P.M.


~ Tour of Health Sciences Building Under Construction ~

Interested Board members are invited to arrive at 3:45 p.m. to have the opportunity to tour the building. Come prepared with long pants and closed-toe shoes. The college will provide a hard hat, safety goggles, and a construction vest.


Item 1

Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome


Item 2

Introduction of New Board Member

Eric Wamsley, Board Chair

  • Karina Brown, Business Representative (Public Services Industry Sector)
    Title: Policy Analyst, Cache County Executive Office


Item 3

Training on Open and Public Meeting Laws

Eric Petersen, USHE Legal Counsel

Every state has open meeting laws for accountability and transparency. These requirements are to be reviewed annually. Eric Petersen, Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) Legal Counsel, will provide the training. For more information, see Utah Code Title 52 – Chapter 04 – Open and Public Meetings Act.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 4

Consent Calendar Approval

  1. Minutes from the August 22, 2022, Board meeting are available online for review and subsequent approval.


Item 5

Council on Occupational Education (COE) Reaffirmation Site Visit Report & Program Change – Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Wendy Carter, Executive VP & Provost

The college hosted a successful COE site visit on September 19-22, 2022. A report will be provided. The site visitors had one finding of non-compliance, which needed a timely response to the council. The Executive Board Leadership was gathered on October 27, 2022, and approved Advanced Emergency Medical Technician as a new program, separating it from the existing Emergency Medical Technician offering. Details will be provided.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 6

Performance Funding Metric Goals

Chad Campbell, President

The Board of Trustees at the August 22, 2022, meeting approved the performance funding metrics goals. Since this time, the commissioner of higher education provided further guidance. Administration gathered the Executive Board Leadership on October 27, 2022, where they approved slight changes to the goals, which were due to USHE on October 28, 2022. The following goals were approved:

  • Access: No longer a college goal, this is now system-wide, so all 16 institutions are working toward the same goal collaboratively
  • Timely Completion: 64.79%
  • High Yield Awards: 41.16%

Administration will be present to discuss how the goals were calculated and how the college will be successful in meeting them.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 7

2022 (Quarter One) Student Enrollment

Access & Timely Completion Goals

Renee Milne, Associate Vice President for Student Services

Lisa Moon, Vice President for Instruction

The quarter one student enrollment data has been released and is available for the trustees' information and review. The AVP for Student Services and VP for Instruction will be in the meeting to provide the board with a brief overview of the data and strategies to increase college success in access and timely completion.

Handout(s): Student Enrollment Data

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 8

Program Alignment Update

Lisa Moon, Vice President for Instruction

The Utah Board of Higher Education (UBHE) has the vision to enhance articulation across technical colleges to other higher education institutions. This means similar programs are being aligned with the same objectives, descriptions, lengths, and hours. College faculty have been actively participating in program alignment meetings to enhance these pathways. BTECH has successfully aligned many of its programs so far and is preparing for implementation in 2023. The VP for Instruction will be present to provide an update on this progress.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 9

FY 2023-2024 Tuition Alignment for Clock-Hour to Credit-Hour Conversion

Chad Campbell, President

Pursuant to direction from the Utah Board of Higher Education (UBHE) and the commissioner, Bridgerland Technical College, along with the other technical colleges in Utah, are in the process of converting from clock hours to credit hours. In order to facilitate this conversion, one of the steps is converting the tuition rate from clock hours to credit hours. Simultaneously, new UBHE policies require the conversion of some student fees into tuition. Accordingly, this proposed change will result in an overall change for the college that is revenue neutral in all material respects. The change will result in tuition being charged on a per-credit-hour basis and is proposed at $95.00/credit. The college will have time during FY 2023-2024 where both the credit-hour rate and the clock-hour rate will be necessary to accommodate a "teach out" for students who began on the clock-hour model. The college is not proposing any change to the $2.00/clock-hour rate for students involved in the teach out during FY 2023-2024.

The change from clock-hour to credit-hour tuition is a complete reset of the tuition charges. Accordingly, the college is not estimating additional revenue assuming all other factors remain constant. There are several moving parts with credit conversion and program alignment, so it is difficult to predict the results with any degree of certainty. However, Bridgerland Technical College has maintained a long-standing practice of tuition and fee revenue following the student to the program/department in which they are enrolled. Because tuition and fees, when applicable, only cover part of the cost of education, the remaining cost is subsidized through legislative appropriations.



Tuition per Credit Hour $ Change % Change



Bridgerland Technical College n/a $95.00 n/a n/a



Tuition per Membership Hour $ Change % Change



Bridgerland Technical College

$2.00 $2.00 $0.00



In compliance with Utah code 53B-7-101.5, Bridgerland Technical College held its public hearing for the proposed tuition change on November 29, 2022. A handful of BTECH administrators and no students or members of the public attended the meeting.

Attached for your information and review is the cover letter to the UBHE for their March 15, 2023, meeting where proposed tuition charges will be evaluated.

Handout(s): USHE Cover Letter - BTECH Tuition & Differential Proposals

ACTION: Recommend approval of the FY 2023-2024 Tuition Alignment for Clock-Hour to Credit-Hour Conversion.


Item 10

FY 2022-2023 Strategic Planning Evaluation Results (Bi-Annual)

Emily Hobbs, Administrative Chief of Staff

To provide a timely evaluation of progress toward achieving the objectives in the Strategic Plan, Administration created the Strategic Planning Evaluation Results document. This evaluation provides an opportunity for the college to celebrate successes and achievements primarily from July 2022 to November 2022.

Handout(s): Strategic Planning Evaluation Results

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.


Item 11

Utah Board of Higher Education (UBHE) Report

Dr. Scott Theurer, UBHE Representative

A brief update from the UBHE will be provided.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the board.

Item 12

Information Items

A.  Custom Fit Training Department – Year to Date

Fiscal Year Trainees Training Hours Total Companies New Companies
20-21 Qtr 4 4,721 82,028 199 32
21-22 Qtr 4 5,493 100,277 223 42


Handout(s): Custom Fit Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2022


B. Management of College Investments

Bridgerland Technical College's controller, under the direction of the college president and the college Board of Trustees, invests the college funds in the Utah Public Treasurers' Investment Funds (UPTIF) and follows the rules of the Utah System of Higher Education, the State Money Management Act, and the rules of the State Money Management Council. Quarterly investment reports are provided to the college president and the board. This file is available as a link.

Handout(s): BTECH Investment Report 1st Qtr


C. Calendar/Happenings

  • Calendar available at
    • General Graduation, December 15, 6 p.m., USU Daines Concert Hall
    • Beaver Mountain Ski Night, February 10, 5 p.m.
    • Board Meeting Dates
      • March 6, 2023 – Note change in date!
      • June 26, 2023
      • August 28, 2023


Item 13