Dog Microchip Clinic

Our Microchip Clinic for dogs was recently held on April 20, 2019. The clinics were in collaboration with our Animal Sciences program and the Logan City Police Department. The goal was to provide a cost-effective way to provide microchips for the beloved dogs of our community. This program aims to help lost dogs in the community quickly find their way back home without a lot of time and resources spent on tracking down their owners.

For only $10 each, pet owners are able to track their furry friends in any emergency situation through a lifetime registration with

The pet micro-chipping was performed by students of the Animal Sciences program. This program teaches each student how to properly care for and treat animals.

All of our students have received expert instruction and work hard to master all skills needed for this hands-on field. All of our students handled each pet with extreme care at the event, and they certainly enjoyed their time with the animals of our city.

Helping the animals of our city brought great joy to our students and our school. We look forward to continuing our biannual event and plan to help protect as many family pets as possible.