Connecting to eduroam


Visitors from eduroam participating institutions are allowed access to the College’s wireless network using the username and password supplied to them by their own institution. Similarly BTECH faculty can use their credentials to log in at other institutions participating in eduroam. Users must first log into an eduroam network at their home institution to obtain the correct security certificates necessary, this process must be completed on any device to be used on eduroam networks.


Guests without network credentials must instead use the “BTECH-Public” to gain network access for their devices.


Instructions for connecting to eduroam


  1. In your devices settings, navigate to the area where WiFi Networks are visible.
  2. Select “eduroam” from the list of available networks.
  3. Your device will prompt you for your credentials, please use the following format:
    • Username: [Username]
    • Password: This will be the password you utilize to log into your network account on computers across the college.
  4. Accept the security certificate, if prompted. You may need to select “yes” or “accept” multiple times.


Advanced instructions


If prompted for additional information while connecting please use the following settings:

  • Security: 802.1x EAP
  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase-2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: Use system certificates
  • Domain:
  • Identity: Your BTech email address
  • Password: Your password to your network account
  • IP Settings: DHCP