Estefania Watts – Platinum Performer for Interior Design

Estefania Watts comes to us from Colombia and is currently enrolled in the Interior Design program at Bridgerland Technical College. Her decision to join Interior Design was driven by its alignment with her current life needs, providing the necessary skills and preparation for a successful career, without the need for extensive time and financial commitments associated with traditional colleges.

Outside of her studies, Estefania engages in various hobbies and activities depending on the season. During the winter, she enjoys skiing at Beaver, where she has honed her skills to conquer even the challenging black diamond trails. Time spent with her beloved pets, including a puppy, five chickens, and a duck named Chuck, brings her joy. Additionally, she finds solace in painting, puzzles, camping, hiking, and partaking in other summer sports. Revealing a lesser-known fact about herself, Estefania admits to having conversations with herself, a habit that can be both amusing and occasionally annoying for her husband.

With a dream of becoming an exceptional interior designer, Estefania aspires to not only learn and excel in her field but also to establish her own firm. Her vision includes hiring individuals from various countries, providing them with opportunities to not only work but also learn the language, culture, and skills needed for success. By promoting a healthy work-life balance, Estefania wishes to empower her team members to spend quality time with their families and pursue their dreams. Post-graduation, she aims to secure a fulfilling job in the Logan area, cherishing the town’s mountains, safe environment, and overall charm.

When offering advice to future students, Estefania emphasizes the initial challenges that may arise, particularly for non-native English speakers like herself. However, she believes in the inherent capabilities within each individual, urging students to push themselves and embrace the step-by-step process rather than being overwhelmed by the magnitude of final projects.

Estefania’s journey at Bridgerland Technical College exemplifies the transformative power of a tailored educational experience. Through dedication, self-discovery, and the support of her instructors, she is preparing to embark on a fulfilling career in Interior Design. Her story serves as an inspiration to future students, showcasing the possibilities that await those who embrace their passions and choose alternative paths to achieve their goals.