“New” Fire Truck for Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services was able to purchase a “new” 1995 Pierce Fire Engine from Weber Fire District! We are excited to utilize this modern equipment to give students the most accurate training for their future careers.

Instructors and students participated in a “new fire truck” tradition that dates back more than 100 years. This is called the “push-in” ceremony.  Before firetrucks had engines, firefighters would wash, dry, and push the engine back into the bay after a call. In accordance with tradition, our students and instructors made sure to wash, detail, and physically push the engine into its new home.

As a tribute to our newly retired fire engine, here is some history! It was purchased from the North Logan Fire Department around 2008 who bought it from Sandy City in 1993. North Logan Fire Department gave it a new paint job, fixed it up, and made it ready for commission! This fire engine was lovingly referred to as “Howe” or just “Engine 2” to our instructors and recruits. We are grateful for “Howe” and all he has done to help our students learn over the years!