Graduation for Fire and Rescue Services

On January 15, 2019, Bridgerland Technical College held their annual Fire and Rescue Services graduation.

At this graduation, our students were celebrated for their accomplishments in completing the entire Fire and Rescue Services program. The ceremony featured speeches from students in the graduating class and remarks from instructor Heath Banbury and Bryan Davies.

Graduates were then awarded medallions and customized axes. The axes were a symbolic gesture for graduates. As they start their career, the ax is one of the most important tools needed as a fireman, thus the special gift given to graduates from their BTECH instructors.

The ceremony was emotional as this would be Heath Banbury’s last graduation. He will be leaving BTECH to do other things. His son was presented as an honorary member of the Fire and Rescue Services program and received his very own “uniform”. Heath was also honored with special gifts. It was definitely a special moment for the young man and warmed all of our hearts.

We are very proud of our Fire and Rescue Services graduating class of 2019. We are confident that they will go into our community and do great things in their future careers!