Gracie King – Platinum Performer for Cosmetology/Barbering

Gracie King is a recent graduate from the Cosmetology/Barbering program and a Zion’s Bank Platinum Performer at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). She grew up in Wellsville, Utah. If you want to get on the good side of Gracie, she can most often be bribed with Chick-fil-A or cake. When she is not busy with work, her free time is mostly spent doing hair and nails.

Gracie chose BTECH because of the opportunities she had to get college credit while earning her high school diploma. Additionally, the idea of starting her future career early learning to do something she loved made the decision to come to BTECH a “no brainer.”

Those who first meet Gracie would describe her as shy and a little bit introverted. However, her friends would say she is a lot of fun once she gets comfortable with people.

Gracie’s ultimate dream is to run a salon from her own house. She is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur and being her own boss.

For now, to make her dreams a reality, Gracie’s plan after graduation is to get a job at a salon and work full time to gain experience and insight into what it takes to run a salon business

The advice she gave to future students was to attend school. She explained, “Missing school without a good reason pushes back your graduation date. Not only does your date get pushed back, but it can also make you fall behind and cause you to miss out on important school activities.”

Gracie loved attending BTECH because everyone was nice to her. Going to a school with friendly instructors and classmates really helped her to have an enjoyable college experience.

In the end, Gracie feels she made a great choice in furthering her education at BTECH. She said the program offered so many benefits such as complete hands-on training, low tuition costs, and a high-value educational experience.