Haven Fritzer – Platinum Performer for Media Design

Haven Fritzer, a student in the Media Design program, is a local of Cache Valley. The decision to join BTECH stemmed from the program’s flexibility in terms of course offerings and scheduling, coupled with its cost-effectiveness. When not immersed in studies, Haven finds solace in the realms of art and history, whether it be creating art or delving into documentaries exploring these subjects. Unbeknownst to many, Haven possesses a penchant for absorbing random art history facts, showcasing her curious nature. Within the realm of graphic design, Haven envisions a dream career in packaging design or album design. Post-graduation plans involve pursuing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at USU and forging a path within the graphic design industry. To future students, Haven’s advice is to thoroughly grasp the principles of design, effectively manage time, and pursue design work that brings joy and fulfillment.

Within the Media Design program, Haven’s favorite aspect lies in the diverse range of courses and classes available, offering a multitude of possibilities within a single career field. When it comes to inspiration within graphic design, Haven is drawn to the graphic design styles of the 1980s and 1990s in Japan. The innovative arrangements and fusion of photos and text in Japanese design during that era captivate Haven’s artistic sensibilities. Aspiring students are encouraged to embrace self-awareness, understanding their work methods and personal preferences as they embark on their journey in the program. Haven expresses gratitude towards BTECH for the unwavering support and encouragement provided by instructors, whose guidance has played a crucial role in her artistic development.

Haven Fritzer’s journey within the Media Design program exemplifies the fusion of creativity, passion, and adaptability. By choosing BTECH, Haven has discovered a platform that not only offers the necessary skills and flexibility but also fosters a supportive environment conducive to personal growth. Haven’s dedication to their craft and their appreciation for the rich tapestry of art and history serve as driving forces in their pursuit of a fulfilling career in graphic design.