Intermountain Healthcare Donates $50k for Bridgerland Technical College Scholarships

Intermountain Healthcare has donated $50,000 for diversity-based scholarships at Bridgerland Technical College in Logan. This gift, which was presented on Feb. 27 at Logan Regional Hospital, will support approximately 30-40 students.

“We are noticing more and more diversity in our patient population, so to have people taking care of you who have similar backgrounds, and some understanding and knowledge of where you’re coming from, provides comfort,” said Brenda Voisard, Intermountain’s Diversity, Student and Career Development Manager. “Our goal is to make everyone feel like they belong and they’re understood.”

These scholarships for students in healthcare-related fields may be based on many factors, including race, ethnicity, background, or gender.

“We wanted to enhance the diverse population of nurses we have,” said Debbie Hardy, Community Giving Specialist for Intermountain Healthcare. “Our goal is to enhance that nursing population or health tech career population so that patients can feel safe, comfortable, and at ease with whoever is coming in to treat them.”

Scholarship recipients may go on to work at many health care facilities in and outside of Cache Valley. BTECH trains and prepares students to become medical assistants, nursing assistants, practical nurses, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomists, medical administrators, and paramedics. Over the last two decades, virtually 100 percent of students in the Practical Nursing program have passed their Licensure Exam.

“We really appreciate this support,” said Chad Campbell, President of Bridgerland Technical College. “$50,000 goes a long way to help students at BTECH because our costs are low by design. We are the pipeline where people get started in health care careers, and we can see the lives these scholarships change.”