Jake Mecham – Platinum Performer for Animal Sciences

Jake Mecham is the Platinum Performer for our Animal Sciences program! His initial pursuit began in Engineering when he first entered college. However, he soon realized his true calling lay in working with animals. The logical choice for Jake was Bridgerland Technical College, as it provided the necessary foundation and hands-on experience to embark on his journey toward becoming a veterinarian. After graduation, his plan involves furthering his education by considering enrollment in the Penn Foster Program to obtain a degree as a veterinary technician. Concurrently, he is pursuing a biology degree at Utah State University, aiming to secure acceptance into a veterinary program and ultimately specializing in veterinary surgery through board certification.

Jake’s dream job revolves around becoming a board-certified veterinary surgeon, with a specific interest in orthopedic surgery, a less common specialization among veterinarians. His advice to prospective students emphasizes the importance of discovering the subject within their studies that ignites their passion. By identifying and embracing their true interests, they can cultivate a deeper understanding and enjoyment of related areas. For Jake, his fascination with veterinary surgery serves as a motivating force, allowing him to view all aspects of his studies, including medicines, anatomy, surgical instruments, and office operations, through the lens of a surgery running seamlessly.

To those starting the Animal Sciences program, Jake suggests formulating a plan for utilizing the knowledge and experience gained during the program. While the program itself provides valuable learning opportunities, having a clear post-program trajectory propels students forward with purpose. Additionally, Jake emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from instructors, recognizing their role as invaluable resources. Instructors are readily available to answer questions, provide assistance, and offer insights beyond the curriculum, tailored to students’ specific interests and career aspirations. By seeking help and asking questions without hesitation, students can maximize their program experience and tap into its full potential.

Jake Mecham’s journey in the Animal Sciences program exemplifies following one’s true passion. Transitioning from engineering to Animal Sciences allowed him to discover his genuine calling in veterinary surgery, propelling him toward his dream career as a board-certified veterinary surgeon. Through careful planning, a profound interest in his field of study, and reliance on the wisdom of his instructors, Jake navigates the program with determination and purpose. His story serves as an inspiration to future students, urging them to uncover their own passions and seize the abundant opportunities available within the Animal Sciences program at Bridgerland Technical College.