Jaxton Hobbs – Platinum Performer for Automotive Service

Jaxton Hobbs is the Platinum Performer for our Automotive Service program. He is from Logan, Utah, and loves doing anything outdoors. He originally chose to come to Bridgerland Technical College because his brother took a course here and he heard good things about the school. He told us, “My favorite thing about the program were the instructors; very nice, intelligent people, and fun to be around. I learned a lot from them.”

Jaxton is currently working at the Chevrolet dealership and hopes to move his way up as he gains more work experience. Once students gain enough experience in the industry, they have the opportunity to take the ASE or Automotive Service Excellence test to become certified. This will open a lot of doors for the students who choose to take the test and pass it. We encourage all of our students to work towards this goal so they can get the maximum benefit from their certificates. Jaxton is a great addition to the field and we wish him the best of luck with his goals!