Jodi Williams – Platinum Performer for Web & Mobile Development

Jodi Williams is a recent graduate from the Web & Mobile Development program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). She is from Enterprise, Utah, a small town near St. George. However, she has lived in Logan, Utah for eight years and considers it home.

Her favorite food is junk food or candy, and her hobbies include rock climbing or playing the piano. Something unique about Jodi is office work is not her native field. She has spent her career in the roofing industry and has had mostly male coworkers. She was able to keep up with her coworkers and sometimes worked as the project lead.

Jodi chose to come to BTECH because she was interested in coding. BTECH stood out to her because it was affordable, and it had a great program that would help her get where she wanted to go with her goals.

Her plans for the future include moving to Arizona, avoiding winter, and finding a job in that area.

The advice Jodi gave to future students was to get involved in projects and get to know their instructors. She said, “Your instructors are there to help, and they know what they’re doing.” The web and mobile development projects are what made the program real for her because they helped her to get into the work and learn the skills needed for a job in the industry.

Jodi’s favorite part about the program was how flexible the schooling hours were. It made it possible for her to work and go to school at the same time. The curriculum was particularly enjoyable and helped her to progress in her education. Jodi is especially grateful for everyone in her program who took the time to help her when she wasn’t sure how to move forward.