Julia Call – Platinum Performer for Culinary Arts

The Platinum Performer chosen for the Culinary Arts program is Julia Call. She is from Ogden and has loved to cook ever since she was very young. Something unique about her is she participated in a culinary competition featured on CW30 and got third place. Her favorite part about cooking is the artistic side of balancing flavors and textures to create a piece of art.

Julia chose to enroll at Bridgerland Technical College because it felt like the right fit for her. She is a hands-on learner and has always loved cooking, so she decided to come and earn a certificate.

Some advice Julia has for future students of the program is they need to be in the kitchen, cooking, learning, experimenting, and using their creativity. Students also need to be able to accept and adapt to constructive criticism.

After graduation, Julia plans to move to the Salt Lake area where she hopes to gain employment working at a high-end restaurant that focuses on sustainability and making food from scratch.