Kaden Roholt – Platinum Performer for Media Design

The best part about interviewing Media Design student, Kaden Roholt was hearing about his passion for bringing creativity into everything he does. It helped to give us an accurate idea for why he was chosen as this year’s Platinum Performer in the Media Design program.

Before we interviewed with Kaden, we were able to ask his instructors to write down the reasons why they felt he was the perfect choice as a Platinum Performer. They told us: “Kaden is hardworking and applies maximum effort into his assignments and projects. He takes responsibility for his educational outcome and is able to connect what he has learned at school with real-life situations. His ability to respectfully listen to others’ opinions and then learn from these suggestions make Kaden an outstanding student.”

When asked why he decided to attend Bridgerland Technical College, Kaden responded “Well, I started out in high school taking classes. I really enjoyed it because the atmosphere was fun and I knew it was for me.  So I eventually decided to come back and get my certificate.”     

We loved hearing about how much he enjoyed Media Design. It is well-known for cultivating creativity and providing outlets for artistic expression. Our quality instructors also guide students in their specific areas of interest to help hone their skills and make them employable.

When asked about his experience with his instructors, Kaden happily replied, “My experience with my instructors was really great. They were always there to help me when I had questions. I really want to thank them for everything they taught me.”   

The Media Design program has many tracks for digital design. Many different kinds of artists can come to this program and learn about graphic design, video production, photography, web design, and many other areas of study. Each student is responsible for picking their courses so they can design their own career path.

When asked what he would like to do after graduation, Kaden was very excited as he shared his career plans with us. “I would like to start my own freelance work out of a home office for graphic design. Once I build my portfolio more and get my name out there, I would like to start working for bigger companies. I would also like to do more work that would allow me to work on designing fantasy creatures and monsters if I could.”

At Bridgerland Technical College, we choose Platinum Performers who are future leaders in their field and have the ability to make a big impact on others. Many people who worked with Kaden as fellow students or employees would say that he fits the description.

Because Kaden was such an outstanding student, we asked him what advice he has for future students coming into the program. He paused for a moment before giving a very thoughtful response: “Find something in your course that you enjoy doing and focus on that. I think that will help you in the long run to enjoy your future career. Having a focus can help you to develop skills that you already have and help you figure out the kinds of jobs you want in the future.”

We were very impressed with Kaden and his passion for his program and the work he has done. His love for the school and his appreciation for his instructors shows us that he will represent his program in the best way possible. We are positive that Kaden will make a great difference in his chosen career path. We can’t wait to see the future accomplishments he will achieve.