Keanyn Zundel – Student of the Month for Machining Technology

“My motivation to pursue Bridgerland Technical College was my desire to learn how to build. I hope to use the skills that I get to help me get a degree at Utah State University. One day I plan to use my specific education to build up my machine shop.”

Keanyn Zundel is a man of much ambition. He is married and is currently employed at ATK. On top of working full time and attending Bridgerland Technical College, he also goes to Utah State University. There is no question that Keanyn is a busy guy with lots of motivation.

While attending Bear River High School, he was a wrestler and a football player. He was part of a welding class in high school which attributed to his interest in Machining Technology. “I’m very interested in high-tech toys,” he said. “Wes, my instructor, has been a wonderful influence on me. He has inspired me to better myself and to better the quality of the work that I do.”

It is very obvious to his instructors that he is a passionate individual with all the potential in the world. Congratulations to Keanyn in your accomplishments in all aspects of your life, especially with your education here at Bridgerland Technical College.