Lana Hanover – Medical Assisting Platinum Performer

Lana Hanover is a student in the Medical Assisting program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). She currently lives in River Heights, Utah; and her favorite food is cookies. Baking is one of her favorite things to do besides spending time with her family and playing board games with her grandchildren. Something unique about Lana is she is a student, but she is also a mother and grandmother. She loves her family and loves the idea of starting her new career path.

Lana chose BTECH because she wanted to get into school and out into the workforce as soon as possible. She was also excited by the affordable tuition, so she wouldn’t have to spend all her money on schooling.

Lana’s dream job would be to work as a Medical Assistant in a doctor’s office. She has been training for her dream job and did an externship that got her excited about pursuing her career. After graduation, Lana plans to spend the holidays with her family before applying for jobs at the start of the new year.

The advice she gave to future students was to stick with a program and not waste time while at school. She said, “Spending time wisely is the most cost-effective way to graduate because you don’t have your end date pushed back.” Lana also said students should make friends with their classmates and socialize in the cafeteria because it makes the experience a lot more fun.

Her favorite part about the program has been the bookwork. Lana is a self-proclaimed nerd, and she enjoys doing homework. She said being in class with her friends and instructors really made her love the program. Lana is very appreciative of the education she has received while at BTECH and how it has served her future career. In short, participating in the Medical Assisting program has been one of the best experiences for Lana.