Leann Barker – Platinum Performer for Business Technology

It was obvious from the moment we met Leann Barker from the Business Technology program, that she was a warm and genuine person that could easily become your best friend in a matter of minutes. Her bubbly and outgoing demeanor not only made for great video footage but also made it easy to see why she was chosen as this year’s Platinum Performer for the Business Technology program.

Before the interview, we asked the instructors to write down the reasons they chose Leann for the Platinum Performer award. Her instructors had this to say: “Leann represents what Business Technology is all about. She is dependable, hardworking, and not afraid to accept a challenge. She is very friendly with all the other students, participates in extra activities, and stays very positive”.

Her instructors also said, “Leann has been working while finishing her program, but still maintained a great progress rate. She completed her course with accuracy and attention to detail”.

We were excited to learn more about how Leann felt about her program and time in school. When asked what made her decide to come to Bridgerland Technical College, Leann quickly answer without hesitation. “I chose Bridgerland Technical College because it’s affordable, and the program length is 10 months versus 4 years for a bachelor’s degree. I also love that it’s hands-on.”

The Business Technology program has always worked with its students to make sure they meet industry standards and progress according to the needs of their future employers. The curriculum is designed to prepare our students for the actual work they will need to perform with in-depth instruction to develop the required skills.   

As we continued our conversation with Leann, she stated that “One of my favorite things about the Business Technology program would be the teachers; they have helped me so much” Leann smiled, as the mention of her mentors came into the conversation. “I love the sense of community I felt while in my program. I made a lot of friends while I was there and I just felt like I was part of one big family.”

We asked Leann what her plans were for the future and how her program helped shape her future career needs. “A dream job that I would like to have would be to go back home and keep the books for my family’s business”

However, for now, she plans to continue her education by applying to Western Governors University.

Her time in the Business Technology program helped her to realize the importance of continued education and how being the best in the business world means learning as much as you can. When we learned that she had been working while still going to school, we were curious to know how she was able to maintain a balance between work and school.

Leann said, “My program is pretty flexible and willing to work with me so that I can be successful outside of the classroom as well as in it”.

We also asked Leann to share words of encouragement she might have for future students following a similar path as her own. “Decide that you want to do well in your program and then take the necessary steps,” Leann said. “Put a lot of effort into it, study hard, and you’re gonna succeed”.

As a school, it brings us much joy to see another successful, driven, and knowledgeable student leaves our program and make their way into the business world. We look forward to seeing the future progress and milestones Leann reaches in her career.