Mary Nicole Jensen – Platinum Performer for Master Esthetics

Mary Nicole Jensen is a recent graduate from the Master Esthetics program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH) and a Zion’s Bank Platinum Performer. She was born in Corrine, Utah but currently lives in Tremonton.

Her favorite food is prime rib, and her favorite treat is ice cream or anything to do with chocolate.

Mary’s hobbies include working out, because it gives her a sense of peace. She also loves hosting activities for her friends and family. A unique thing about Mary is she has lived overseas as a military wife and was able to make a home in an unfamiliar land.

She chose BTECH because she graduated from the Cosmetology/Barbering program several years ago and wanted to try the Master Esthetics program. She had to wait to sign up for courses because her husband got stationed overseas, and she went with him. Once they got back from their foreign adventure, she enrolled as soon as she was able.

Mary’s dream job would be to work for a dermatologist. She also plans to find a job after she graduates, but her first priority is her children and giving birth to the child she is expecting. She hopes any future job she has will allow her to work a few days a week in the beginning, then switch to full time once her youngest child is a little older.

Advice Mary gives to future students is to have a good attitude. She says life is easier at school, and in a career, when students show up with a ready-to-work mindset.

She also said respecting instructors is another thing students should do. “Instructors put in a lot of time and hard work to make this a great learning environment, and they deserve to be treated well when you come to their class,” Mary said.

Her favorite part about BTECH were her instructors. They were always very helpful and encouraging when it came to her studies and furthering her career path. Mary is extremely grateful to her instructors and her family for the support they have given her in becoming a working mother.