Matt King – Platinum Performer for Building Technology

Matt King is from Millville, Utah, and was chosen as the Platinum Performer for our Building Technology program.

A few fun facts about Matt are that his favorite food is fettuccine alfredo and he is a big-time fisherman, hunter, and outdoorsman. Something unique about him that people might not know is that he breeds dogs.

Matt chose to attend Bridgerland Technical College because it was a local option that would allow him to learn a trade. Matt’s dream job is to own his own business building custom homes.

His favorite part about his time in the program was the relationships he made. He told us, “My favorite thing about the program was definitely the relationships I’ve built with the other students and the instructors. It was awesome to build a house from start to finish and the friendships that I’ve gained from Bridgerland Technical College are going to be friends that I’m going to have for a long time.”

Some advice he wanted to leave with future students was, “Listen to your instructors, they are there to help you. It may seem tough sometimes but they are preparing you for the real world. Richie does a great job.”

Now that Matt has graduated Building Technology, he is studying to take his general contractor’s exam so he can become a general contractor and start his own company. We are so happy to see Matt making his dreams come true and we are wishing him the best as he moves forward!