Mattracea Semrad – Platinum Performer for Therapeutic Massage

Congratulations to Mattracea (Mattie) Semrad on becoming the first Platinum Performer for the new Therapeutic Massage program!

Mattie chose Bridgerland Technical College because of the learning style, the atmosphere, and the people. She said her favorite thing about the program and the school was how much support students had from the staff. Additionally, Mattie wanted to thank her instructor, Cheri Gillham, for her efforts in helping all of her students succeed.

Now that Mattie has finished the program, her dream job would be working for herself and having her own business. She would also like to work with home care and hospice cancer patients to improve the quality of their lives through massage.

We are so happy that Mattie had a fantastic experience in the Therapeutic Massage program. We look forward to seeing where she goes from here!