Meat Services Hosted High School FFA Group and Participates in the Cache County Fair

The Meat Services program at Bridgerland Technical College never ceases to amaze us. This year they were able to sponsor the Star Class Show for the Cache County Fair at the Junior Livestock Show.

This event is not only a big part of our community, but also something Jason Rindlisbacher, our Department Head of the Meat Services program is passionate about. Jason has volunteered at the animal show as part of the committee for the Junior Livestock Show for over 15 years now.

When asked about the show, Jason said, “I feel like I have seen a lot of current students and potential students participating in the Junior Livestock Show. I felt like it would be a great opportunity to promote Bridgerland Technical College by sponsoring the Star Class Showmanship portion of their show.”

The Star Class is the top of three showmen in each class and each age group. Normally there are about 15-35 kids in each species. The species are goats, lambs, pigs, beef and dairy heifers.

In the Showmanship Class, the judge watches each participant and how they work with the animals.  During this part of the show, they are judging the kids and not the animals.  “It’s the way the kid works with the animal that makes you the champion,” Jason said. 

When asked what his favorite part about the competition was, Jason excitedly explained that “watching the young people grow from year to year in their knowledge and abilities to show as well as working with the kids and the parents.”

Jason has four students currently in his class that showed sheep and goats. He said, “These are the types of kids that excel in this type of education and that is why I feel like it is important to recruit from this type of an environment. I appreciate President Campbell for giving me the thumbs up to sponsor this event.”

We are pleased that our Meat Services program was able to participate in this important event. We are also glad to have instructors like Jason who give so much to our community. 

FFA Meat Cutting Clinic

The fun for Meat Services doesn’t end there. They recently hosted an FFA meat cutting clinic for agricultural teachers in Northern, Utah. Check out some of the amazing things they said about our instructors.

I simply would like to inform you of a recent clinic I participated in at your campus.  Jason Rindlisbacher was able to put on a meat cutting clinic for a handful of teachers from around Northern Utah.  The information and training he provided was priceless.  It will definitely help me in teaching this unit in my classroom.  Jason was very professional and instructive in his method of presentation.  I thank you for allowing this program to be a part of the Bridgerland Campus and praise Jason for his efforts.  


Wayne Burrell

Box Elder High School

Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor

Good afternoon.
My name is Zane Christensen, Jason put on a phenomenal program for agriculture teachers a couple weeks ago telling us about the program and educating us on the meat industry. You guys are fortunate to have him at your school he is an excellent educator and does a great deal for agriculture world and the FFA. Thank you for allowing him to work with us. Our students are better off because of him.
Zane Christensen 
Cache High School
Agriculture Teacher