Pancakes with the President

January 6th, 2020 was the annual Pancakes with the President event at Bridgerland Technical College.

About 550 students joined the President as he served a stack of delicious pancakes to the student. The students enjoyed this event because of the free food and having the chance to meet those who help to run the school.

Our school’s administration staff worked tirelessly with the help of the Culinary Arts program to give the students and faculty of BTECH a delicious breakfast to combat the first “Monday blues” of the new 2020 year.

The event was held in the Culinary Arts classroom and in the school’s cafeteria, where every seat filled quickly. Students, staff and faculty members filtered in and out of the rooms that morning between the hours of 8:30 am – 9:30 am. It seemed that very few at BTECH could resist the smell of fresh pancakes with a variety of syrups and toppings. Along with pancakes, participants were given the option of sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs with cheese and green onions. To quench their thirst, a spread of chocolate, strawberry and regular milk was provided for those in attendance.

Many of the students where grateful for the food and also expressed their feelings about their programs and instructors at BTECH.

Students of the Medical Assisting program, Lope, Malina, Diana, and Alejandra said that they had heard about our pancake breakfast a few weeks prior from their instructors. They were excited at the variety of food offered for breakfast. They expressed their appreciation to their instructors for always working with students in order to better the schooling experience. Our students also explained that they loved going to Bridgerland Technical College because of the hands-on opportunities rather than just “theory and book work.”

Machining Technology student, Hayden Peterson, heard that morning from his instructor Vance about the breakfast. You can’t beat a free breakfast! Hayden also mentioned why he loved BTECH and that he particularly likes his program because of how challenging it can be. “We get to make a lot of cool stuff! It can be hard sometimes, but it’s always fun to learn how to do everything” he said.

The atmosphere during the entire event was fun and energetic, despite it being an early Monday morning. Students and staff genuinely seemed excited to join together for breakfast and start making memories for the new year.

We at Bridgerland Technical College, look forward to opportunities to show our students and staff members how much they are appreciated!