Parades, Parades and more Parades

Throughout the summer of 2019, Bridgerland Technical College was given the opportunity to participate in local parades across the Cache and Box Elder Counties.

We built our own float and became part of several communities in their summer celebrations. Not only did we get some healthy exercise from walking in each parade, but we also got to see each of the communities that we serve and became more personally familiar with the citizens.

Some of the parades that we attended were the Hyrum City Fourth of July parade, the City of Logan’s Pioneer Day parade, USU’s Homecoming parade, and Brigham City’s Peach Days Parade. We also participated in a variety of high school homecoming parades.

For each parade, BTECH boarded it’s float or walked beside it as a truck drove it down the streets. Rain or shine, were there to toss candy to the massive crowds and wave as we drove by the excited audiences around us.

Our Animal Sciences program sent volunteers with dogs to some of the parades and the crowds were delighted with the adorable fury creatures. We left each parade feeling empowered by the members of our community. We look forward to the opportunities that we have to participate in the summer parades because it allows us to see the love that the community has for our school. We love the people of our communities can’t wait to see everyone again next year.