Pharmacy Technician Accreditation

In April of 2019, The Pharmacy Technician program at Bridgerland Technical College hosted a site visit to obtain initial accreditation from the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP).

Preparations for the visit included an extensive remodel of the pharmacy, curricular enhancement with expansion of simulation and hours, as well as a comprehensive self-study.

The self-study was completed using the 2018 ASHP guidelines. Shortly after the completed self-study was received, the ASHP contacted BTECH asking the College if it was willing to be one of the first programs in the country reviewed under a new set of standards that were more rigorous.

Bridgerland Technical College and the Pharmacy Technician program took on this challenge.

We are happy to report that in February of 2020, the program received official notification that ASHP was granting initial accreditation for six years. This is the maximum amount of time that ASHP can grant accreditation for a pharmacy technician program.