Jordan Skalka – Platinum Performer for Apprentice Plumber

Jordan Skalka is a student in the Apprentice Plumber program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). He has grown up in Cache Valley, and his favorite foods are gyoza and blueberry pie. His hobbies include hunting, dirt biking, rock climbing, boating, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. The most unique thing about Jordan is his last name because it is from Slovakia.

Jordan chose to attend BTECH because he has taken other programs in the past, such as Fire and Rescue Services and Emergency Medical Technician. He has always been impressed by the instructors and loves the work environment at the school. He felt BTECH provided great experiences for students and knew it would do the same for him.

Jordan’s dream job would be to open his own plumbing business and do firefighting on the side. He said his dream might be difficult to coordinate throughout the week, but he knows it will allow him to do all the things he loves for a career. After graduation, Jordan plans to further his education and continue taking classes in other programs. He feels that having a variety of skills will make him valuable to employers and eventually lead to him being a boss one day.

Advice Jordan gave to future students was, “You get out what you put into the program.” He said if a student really wants to learn at school, they need to be able to do their research and ask the right questions. He mentioned having a desire is great while learning, but in the end, the work and effort made is the most defining part of a career.

Jordan’s favorite part about the Apprentice Plumber program has been his instructors. He always has help when he needs it. Additionally, whenever he has a question, instructors can answer him; if they don’t know, they find out and get back to him. Jordan said BTECH has been such a great environment to work in. His fellow students have been great to work with, and everyone wants to help him succeed.