Professional Development Day at BTECH

On August 22, all staff were invited at Bridgerland Technical College participated in the Professional Development Day!

This day was used to celebrate the “Championship” theme and was a great event for skills building and communication training. This day included in-depth lectures and inspiring speakers to help boost moral and empower our team members through training.

This day was also a day of recognition as several of our faculty and staff who received awards for their valiant efforts.

These awards included:

Teacher of the Year – Jolene Huntsman.

Spirit Award – Vanessa Landon-Earley, Trent Stokes, Jason Rindlisbacher, and Scott Elliot.

Most Valuable Player – Jen Tenhoeve.

Above and Beyond – Tasheena Bodily

Presidential Award – DeLayne Locke.

We are incredibly proud of our staff members and are always looking for ways to help them progress in their duties and feel appreciated for their work.