Rachel Thomas – Platinum Performer for Electronic Engineering Technology

Let me introduce Rachel Thomas, a dedicated student enrolled in the Electronic Engineering Technology program at Bridgerland Technical College. Rachel’s decision to attend Bridgerland Technical College was driven by several factors. Firstly, the affordability of the institution compared to traditional universities and other educational avenues. Additionally, she appreciates the opportunity to transfer credits to Utah State University, offering a seamless educational path.

When Rachel isn’t engrossed in her studies, she finds immense joy in outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, and exploring archaeological sites rank among her favorite hobbies. Rachel enjoys immersing herself in nature’s beauty. Revealing a unique aspect of her life, Rachel shares that she had experience raising sheep during her younger years. The auctioning of the sheep at the county livestock show surprises many when she shares this detail.

Rachel’s dream job revolves around the field of Electronic Engineering Technology, as her time at Bridgerland Technical College has nurtured a deep passion for it. Post-graduation, her plans involve pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Utah State University and continuing her educational journey. Reflecting on her experiences, Rachel offers valuable advice to future students: persevere. Although the self-paced nature of the program may pose challenges in staying motivated, she emphasizes the importance of seeking assistance from instructors and staff members, who are readily available to provide guidance and support.

The instructors at Bridgerland Technical College hold a special place in Rachel’s heart. They have been a constant source of support throughout her educational journey. Even during a period when Rachel had to temporarily leave for a religious mission, the instructors maintained contact and provided assistance. Returning to complete the program and reuniting with her instructors brought her great joy.

Rachel Thomas’s dedication, coupled with the guidance of the instructors, has prepared her for a future in Electronic Engineering Technology. Rachel’s aspirations and gratitude reflect the positive impact of her educational journey at BTECH.