Sarah Thatcher – Interior Design

Congrats to our Student of the Month, Sarah Thatcher! Scroll to read more about her achievements!!

It is such a great month to feature such a great student as our Student of the Month. Sarah Thatcher was born and raised in Hawaii! She is the oldest in her family and the first to move away from home for schooling purposes. Sarah values education and has a business mindset. She will be using the education she receives here and past education to help her start her own business.

Sarah was homeschooled, and after finishing her schooling, she sought out job experience. She received a great variety of experience working as a pastry chef, a paralegal, an air conditioning technician, a house manager for luxury homes, and a payroll and tax accountant for her father’s business. Indeed, she has boosted her skill level in the business world and continues to do so by attending school here at BTECH.

As mentioned, Sarah is from Hawaii. She found Bridgerland Technical College online while looking at technical colleges. “I went with Bridgerland Technical College because of the program timeline and price along with the fact that admissions helped me so much to start enrollment,” she said. Since starting the program, Sarah has been heavily involved in remodeling our cafeteria. She and her team did such a magnificent job and demonstrated their creativity.
We asked why Interior Design appealed to her, and she responded, “I love hands-on training and learning. Being a visual learner, I have gained so much knowledge in the few months I have been here.” Along with her positive experience in learning here, she has also seen great things from her instructor. “Anna has been so helpful in explaining and always is available for questions. I am always able to bounce ideas and thoughts off her,” she said.
With obvious talent, a creative mind, and motivation, Sarah is sure to see success in her future. We wish you well in your journey! Way to rock it, Sarah!