Shelby Seeholzer – Platinum Performer for Interior Design

Meeting Shelby was quite the experience, as she has a bright warm smile and calming presence. She absolutely loves the Interior Design program and had so many positive things to say about her experience at Bridgerland Technical College.  It wasn’t too difficult to see why Shelby was chosen as this year’s Platinum Performer in the Interior Design program.

Before our interview, we were able to hear from Shelby’s instructors to find out why they chose her to be the Platinum Performer. They said, “Shelby has an incredible work ethic and high standards that can be seen in all of her design work. Shelby is humble about her talent and abilities, making her even more likable and worthy of being recognized. Many of Shelby’s design projects have been used to promote the program and inspire new students.”

When asked why she decided to attend Bridgerland Technical College, Shelby replied, “It was a practical and an affordable option for me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dedicate four years of my life. I wasn’t sure how much I liked Interior Design until I was actually in the program and realized it was something I was definitely passionate about.”

We wanted to dig deeper into Shelby’s experience with the Interior Design program. When we asked her about it, she responded with, “My favorite thing about the program was the people I met. They were so great! I loved the flexibility of the scheduling they offer and I also learned a lot about myself in this program.”

We loved hearing her thoughts on the program. We strive to ensure that all our students have the best opportunity to learn not only about their desired career but to discover more about themselves. Our programs are meant to provide personal growth along with job training. 

We were curious to find out from Shelby, her plans for the future after graduation. “I would like to first take some time to travel and explore, but after that, I will probably move down to Salt Lake or go up to Boise because they are both growing places and have lots of job opportunities.”

We could tell that Shelby had put a lot of thought into her future in the design industry and that told us she might have a tip or two for future students. “I would say don’t overthink everything. Usually, the solutions are there and you can find them if you just work them out. ”    

We couldn’t be more impressed with Shelby. We loved the opportunity we had to speak with such an ambitious, dedicated, and promising student. We know that her instructors made the right choice when they picked her for their Platinum Performer.