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Associate of Applied Science

Finish a Bridgerland Technical College certificate in a qualifying program and stack an Associate of Applied Science in the areas below.


General Technology

The AAS in General Technology is a college-degree program designed for students who complete an approved minimum 900-hour (30 credits) technical-specialty certificate. Students can emphasize business or information technology and will take, in addition to the thirty credits transferred from a Utah Technical College, 12-13 credits of general education classes and 21 credits in their chosen emphasis.

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Snow has worked to develop a series of course-by-course equivalencies to support students who wish to transfer from UBTech to Snow. The business certificate from UBTech will transfer for at least ten credits in the ASB major program. Students will need to then take the rest of the business-major credits as well as the general education requirements for an AS degree. Online class options are available for all of these course requirements.

Students who complete the Associate of Science Business degree will be able to transfer to most USHE universities as a junior and start a bachelor’s degree in a business field.

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Information Technology

Students who complete the Information Technology certificate and/or the Networking and Cybersecurity certificate at UBTech will be able to articulate those courses and may take additional courses to complete the AAS in Networking and Cybersecurity. These courses are available online in a competency-based education format. Students will then be positioned, if they choose, to earn a four-year degree in information technology or cybersecurity after Snow College.

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Students may complete a technical certificate at a Utah Technical College and transfer to Snow College to pursue an associate of pre-engineering degree at Snow College. While the coursework at a Utah Technical College doesn’t articulate with much of the APE requirements, students can complete Math prerequisites from developmental math through calculus at Snow College as well as complete the 12-18 credits of general education classes required for the APE. All of these are available online.

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Snow College has an application process for its ASN program, and all students must apply to enter the program. If admitted, students completing an LPN certificate at a Utah Technical College (and having a current Utah LPN license) will be awarded 22 credits toward their ASN degree.

To determine acceptance into the ASN program, points are awarded for general education and practical nursing (PN) courses. Students with a grade lower than a B- in a PN course must show part-time or full-time experience working as an LPN for a minimum of one year. Transfer courses with a TR or transfer grade will normally be awarded a grade of B for the application process and are handled by the Nursing Department.

Students who complete Snow College’s ASN program are well-prepared to transfer into BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) programs.

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