Steve Byram – Platinum Performer for Machining Technology

Before our interview with Steve, we had the opportunity to find out what his instructors had to say about him. “Steve is a fantastic student!” “He is hard-working, driven, calculated, and detail-oriented. Even though he finished our program at an average pace, he was learning much more than our average students. He is thorough in the way he studies each topic, which is why he is going to have a bright future with tons of opportunities ahead of him.”

We were thrilled to find that his instructors had so many wonderful things to praise him for. Our Machining Technology program is an excellent program with quality instructors that really know the realities of the workforce. They make sure to prepare their students to become high-achieving members of their career field. Given their track record as a program, we are very confident that Steve is as wonderful of a student as they say he is.

We were curious how a bright student such as Steve decided to start his career with our program. When asked about it, Steve said, “I chose Bridgerland Technical College because it was close by and it had a really good program. I knew I wanted to go into machining so it just made sense.”

During our conversation with Steve, we were interested to know what his plans are after graduation and what his dream would be for his career. “My dream job would have to be something in gunsmithing,” he said without hesitation. “After I graduate I plan to get in the door with a job in machining, but then I want to work my way up to getting my dream job.”

We love knowing that our students have goals for themselves after they finish their programs. At Bridgerland Technical College we strive to guide our students to discover their passions and find a career path they will love. When a student finds their calling before they graduate, we rejoice for them, which is why we are so happy for Steve.

We were curious to know what Steve liked best about his program and what he had to say about his time with us. “My favorite part about the program so far is being able to apply what I have learned to real life,” he said confidently. “So for me, it gave me the chance to do projects that I wouldn’t have been able to do before this program but I will be able to do once I graduate.”

It was not difficult for us to see how much Steve liked his program, so we decided to ask this excelling student about the advice he would give to future students coming into the program. “The advice I would give to future students is that when you get overwhelmed to remember that any progress is progress,” he said with a smile. “Just keep going.” 

It was a pleasure for us to be able to speak with Steve and learn more about him. We are confident that he will make a name for himself in his chosen career path. We can’t wait to see where this determined and motivated student goes in his future field.