Confidence Renewed: Gaining More Than Workplace Skills at Bridgerland

Chantel Crossley started Business Technology at Bridgerland Technical College after being a stay-at-home mom for several years. “My kids are in school all day, and I just decided it was time for me to go back to school. The program has increased my knowledge of many different software programs. In the end, the skills I’m learning will financially benefit my family.”

Chantel lives in Smithfield, Utah, and is the mother of three children. She has attended Skyview High School, Utah State University, and Bridgerland Technical College. During high school, she participated in the chess club, volleyball, basketball, and futsal. She took a particular interest in mathematics during high school, which fueled her interest in taking accounting courses. She was nervous to return to school because she’d been out of a school setting for so long. Determined, she pushed herself to take the leap and hasn’t looked back since.

“This program really appealed to me because it was a great alternative to a four-year degree. The instructors here have been fantastic; it is very obvious to me that they want me to succeed,” she said. Chantel expressed that since starting at Bridgerland Technical College, she has learned to be self-motivated and work efficiently without imposed deadlines, and has been able to overcome the fear that she is too old to learn or continue her education.

Chantel is an amazing example of how to Get Your Tech On at Bridgerland!

It is students like Chantel that make Bridgerland Technical College so great. With her fierce determination, newfound confidence, and the skills she is learning in the Business Technology program, her future looks bright!

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