Student Success – Randie Hansen

Randie Hansen is a successful graduate of our Meat Services program. She recently shared her story with us.

“Growing up I always had a love for the outdoors and hunting. I took the Meat Services class my junior year of high school to learn how to process my own game. Within the first few days of class I started to see a future in this industry. My instructors began to teach me how to cut all the beef primals into the roasts and steaks everyone loves. I continued to take the class over the summer and I learned how to smoke and prepare processed meats. I enjoyed every day of class and always looked forward to improving my skills and learning more.

I continued to take the class my senior year of high school. Before graduating, I received a scholarship from BTECH to continue my education in the program. Because of the training I received at BTECH, I was a great candidate for a position in the Meat Services department in the Logan Lee’s Marketplace. I worked at Lee’s after class and learned all about the retail side of selling meat and how to satisfy customer needs.

In October 2017, I completed the Meat Services program and graduated from Bridgerland Technical College. Soon after graduation, I accepted a full time Meat Services position in the Smithfield Lee’s Marketplace.

I love my job and loved my time at Bridgerland Technical College. I am so thankful for Jason, Sam, Dave, and Scottie for being great teachers who taught and helped me along the way. I am also very thankful for all the friends I made in the class. It was a fun and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone. Because of BTECH, I have begun my career and I owe it all to the training I received there.