Student Success: Automotive Service Graduate Billy Toone

Billy Toone graduated from our Automotive Service program almost 17 years ago! He is still a huge fan of Bridgerland Technical College and serves on our Automotive Service Advisory Committee.

Here is his story below:

“I originally chose the [Automotive Service] program at BTECH because it was more convenient and less expensive than the 2 other schools I looked in to.

I attended Bridgerland Technical College all through high school, knew the instructors and had a lot of success before I graduated and entered the adult program in 2002. 

Completing the Automotive Service program gave me the basic skills and knowledge I needed to be successful in the industry. 

I spent about 10 years working in a couple different independent shops before starting my career at Toyota in 2008. 

In 2010 I decided to go back to school and Utah State University was able to give me credit for my BTECH certificate making an Associate’s degree only a couple of part time semesters. 

As I was starting to work on my Bachelor’s degree I was promoted from technician to service adviser, and then in September of 2018 I was promoted to Service Manager at Young Toyota. 

Bridgerland Technical College was a huge boost in my career from the beginning and really helped me succeed everywhere I worked.”

Billy Toone